Faux Hollows Solver

Working on developing color palettes for color blind accessibility. Added tool tips for the mean time. Please contact me with any other accessibility issues.


Note: "2x2" is synonymous with "Coffer" or "Gift Box", and "Bias" is synonymous with "orientation".
Select a box type from the top of the left side bar. Click on a box to apply the selected type. Select a strategy and set weight values. Click "Apply" to calculate the next move if live updates are off. Yellow boxes indicate the best current choice based on strategy. When swords are uncovered, the graphic can be used to determine it's full location, or just it's orientation, or just don't bother. If only the orientation is determined, check either the vertical or horizontal bias. When 2x2 is uncovered, use the graphic to determine if it's a Coffer or a Gift Box.
Note: Weights only apply to "Weighted" strategy.
Suggestion: If using weights, change the swords weight to 15 after a retelling.


This is an attempt at making a statistical approach to to the Faux Hollows minigame that released in 5.3. Now that the minigame has been released, a number of assumptions were confirmed. Except for one:
The fox will ALWAYS appear.
This has since proven not to be the case. The fox is not guaranteed to appear. As such, additional strategies have been added. These are listed under "No Fox" in the Strategies section. The exact chance that the Fox will appear is not known, at least to me. If anyone should know this information, please contact me through one of the avenues below.

Minor disclaimer

This calculator will NOT guarantee anything. Not a single reward is guaranteed for using this tool. What it provides is a statistical advantage. Even statistics, by it's nature, is falliable.
Also, this is my first forray into web programming. If something breaks, send me a DM on Discord at Sturalke#0249 or on Reddit at u/Sturalke. I'll do what I can to figure out what went wrong. Created by Fyrin Niyuun on Faerie. GitHub